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Applaud® Insect Growth Regulator is effective aga...

Topsin M WSB

Topsin M WSB

TOPSIN M WSB Fungicide is a broad-spectrum, syste...



LIFELINE Herbicide is a non-selective, post-emerg...



Chateau® Herbicide SW provides proven, long-lasti...

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Parcel is your go-to partner for a farmer-friendly solution, bringing together cutting-edge tools and technology, digital crop input purchasing power and sustainable practices tailored specifically for you in the agriculture sector. We've created a unified solution that simplifies what has traditionally been a complex and outdated service landscape. With the Parcel platform, farmers can easily purchase crop protection & nutrition products at a reduced cost, establish a managed bushel program, organize your operations seamlessly, and find buyers offering premiums for their low-carbon bushels — all in one user-friendly technology and service hub.

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“We found an ethanol plant paying a premium to source low carbon corn through Parcel. We were able to increase our revenue by 15 cents a bushel!”

Kim Winthrop

“We saved 10% when switching to Parcel for our input orders. The platform is easy to use and the support is great.”

Jason Lengstorf

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