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Online marketing, an end to end sales process, and seamless integration with Parcel's FMS make our merchant portal the best solution in Ag. Empower your business with ag's fastest growing digital platform and start working with growers today.

Reaching growers has never been easier

Online marketing, lead management, partner integration, seamless distribution, and more — all in one place.

Join our FMS Marketplace

The Parcel FMS Marketplace is integrated with our free FMS platform. When growers need a product or service, help them find you so everyone can profit.

Market your Business

Whether you're a multinational inputs company or a small-scale retailer, position your business for success with a company profile on Parcel.

Onboard Growers

Necessary information to onboard a new grower comes right from our FMS. Stop waiting for shapefiles and start growing your customer base.

Drive Conversions

Integrated products and services drive growers directly to onboarding and checkout flows. Ag commerce at digital scale.

Serve and Manage Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, so ditch pen and paper and start managing your customers digitally.

FMS Integrations

Vendors can integrate their products and services directly with Parcel's FMS. Feature products and services alongside daily operations.

Territory Management

Connect with growers within your territory footprint. Offer different products and services or connect growers to specific staff within your network.

Manage Payment

Pre or post pay, Parcel helps you receive payment digitally. Send and receive invoices, track payments, and more.

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