Software Built for Ag Buyers

Keeping track of and managing your supply is of critical importance. Parcel's software gives ag buyers a way to offer premiums to drive growers to work with you and provide the unique crops and cropping practices you need. You will also get a consolidated supply portal containing detailed supplier records, supplier communication tooling, supply readiness tracking, delivery estimates, and more. Get the most out of your suppllier relationships with Parcel.

Comprehensive Supply Management

Aggregate supply, supplier relationship management, supplier records, supply deliver scheduling, and more — all in one place.

Complete Supply Transparency

Growers that supply your business share data directly from Parcel's FMS. Up to date records and operations for all your vendors.

Comprehensive Supply

Aggregate your supply picture. Total supply, readiness estimates, and supplier details in the palm of your hand.

Supply Details

Crop details, operational updates, and individual records sent from your growers right to your supply portal.

Spatial Capabilities

Understand supplier location, which of your facilities they are closest to, and how location impacts readiness and delivery timelines.

Seamless Supply Adjustments

Supply chains are complicated, especially in ag. Navigate that complexity with Parcel's tools to adjust your supply.

Maintain Trusted Partnerships

Your growers can share important information such as observations and crop readiness so everyone is prepared for delivery.

Crop Practice Premiums

Set premiums for sustainable practices, organic certifications, and other crop characteristics that are important to your business. Growers can sign up to deliver crops that meet your requirements.

Source Crops to Fulfill Demand

Find new suppliers or additional produce when circumstances demand it. Never be caught without supply options again.

Take command of your supply

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