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Top 5 Farm Management Software Vendors

Who should I consider if I want to start using farm management software?

Who should I consider if I want to start using farm management software? Parcel focuses on 3 key areas of farming. Operations, Connections and Collaboration. Because no farming operations operate entirely in a silo with only their own employees doing all the work, Parcel was built from the ground up to safely share information between the farm and their business partners, such as produce buyers, pest control advisors, and produce hauling carriers. It provides simple and easy to use field and equipment maintenance work orders, hauling reservations, and sales order management to ensure that all commitments are delivered on. Parcel’s Discovery marketplace enables growers to find the latest technologies to increase productivity on the farm. Parcel Farm Management Software is free to growers.

AgWorld AgWorld provides planning, scheduling, precision ag, and compliance modules. AgWorld focuses on enabling pest control advisors to work with growers on pest and fertilizer applications. AgWorld is between $1995 and $4995 per farm per year, depending on features.

Conservis Conservis is focused on helping growers identify the profitability of their operations. It includes: Crop plans, work orders, tracking field activity, managing inventory, yield analysis and reporting true cost of production. Conservis does not publish pricing information.

FarmLogs FarmLogs gives you the tools and insights you need to: Automatically calculate your cost of production based on the things you actually do. Manage your day-to-day operations with real-time field condition data. Accurately document work for easy reporting and analysis. Track your marketing position and make more profitable crop sales FarmLogs is between $180 and $1428 a year for farms less than 10,000 acres

Granular Granular is farm management software that makes it easier to run a profitable farm. Their cloud and mobile software helps growers collaborate more effectively in the field and in the office, and make the right calls with the right analytics - anywhere, anytime. Granular provides two products, agronomy and business. Agronomy is focused on providing variable rate seeding prescriptions and fertility prescriptions. Business is focused on capturing all field costs to report on farm profitability. It also includes crop planning, input inventory management, harvest reconciliation and work order management. Granular pricing is between $3 and $6 per acre depending on features.