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Farm Management Software (FMS)

what is farm management software

Farm management software centralizes, manages, and optimizes the production activities and operations of farms.

With farm management software, farmers can become strategic and efficient in their daily farm-related tasks and responsibilities. Farm management software automates the recording and storage of farm data, monitors and analyzes farm activities and consumption, and tracks business expenses and farm budgets.

Additionally, the software can support farm financial management with accounting programs, farm planning and procurement functionality, and marketing and budgeting tools.

While farm management software, crop management software, and precision agriculture software all solve overlapping production and yield concerns, the scope of the former is larger and more comprehensive. Furthermore, specialized farm management solutions exist, tailoring the record-keeping and farm production monitoring functionalities to the specific business needs of dairy or cattle farms, grain farms, cannabis farms, and other types of agribusinesses. However, vendors do offer more generalized, sector-agnostic farm management solutions, benefiting farmers, ranchers, growers, and other agribusiness employees who manage and oversee operations that are multi-sector.

To be considered farm management software, a product must:

  • Track and provide insights into the day-to-day operations and activities of a farm
  • Provide tools to improve production efficiency and profitability of a farm
  • Track and monitor field workers’ progress and facilitates in-field communication and collaboration
  • Offer crop management functionality
  • Coexist with other agriculture/agribusiness solutions