Verdant Robotics

Product information


The most advanced multi-action robotic farming implement, designed for superhuman farming. Our team has built self-driving cars and Mars rovers, now we’re onto our biggest challenge yet – autonomous robots capable of growing specialty crops at superhuman scale. We provide a complete service that includes data analytics and crop applications to open access to farms of all sizes while keeping farmers in control of their operations — improving profits, enhancing environmental stewardship, and unlocking new value. Verdant’s technology eliminates overspray, protecting crops and farmers with intelligent tools and guardrails. Now available in field for 2023 specialty crops. Our service brings precision application to every part of every plant by managing through a digital twin of the farm, enabling growers to manage operations in centimeters not acres. Our 6-row and 12-row platforms can cover up to 4.2 acres per hour and are more effective than hand weeding, with immediate returns through our Robotics-as-a-Service model. Verdant implements can apply chemicals for crop protection and fertility or deploy lasers for weed suppression, making the system substantially more effective than mechanical or laser weeding alone.