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Crop Nutrition

Pivot Bio has transformed the way fertilizer is produced and used by the world’s farmers. From their environmentally sound fermentation production process to their zero waste and zero footprint, Pivot Bio’s microbes offer farmers a more efficient and sustainable nitrogen to fuel their crops.Nitrogen fuels the world’s food supply – it’s estimated that synthetic nitrogen has doubled food production since its introduction nearly a century ago. However, the use of synthetic nitrogen has had unintended consequences. Farmers have had no other choice but to use synthetic nitrogen, until now. Over the past decade, Pivot Bio has focused on developing its proprietary microbial technology that supplies the daily nitrogen cereal crops require. By mapping the trillions of interactions of soil microbes and identifying the rare few that have the most robust internal DNA software to convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form plants can use, our microbes reliably provide nitrogen to crops throughout the growing season. Pivot Bio microbes are specially designed to work on cereal crops, some of the most nitrogen hungry crops we grow. Corn, wheat, and rice account for about half of the applied synthetic nitrogen globally. Farmers can confidently replace synthetic nitrogen with microbes and know their crops are receiving the nutrition they need. Working alongside farmers, Pivot Bio has developed products that are healthier for farms and our planet. With microbes as a source of nutrition for crops, there is no harm to the soil; nitrous oxide emissions, a highly potent GHG; or nitrates into waterways. These are the first products that simultaneously address profitability, simplify operations, and help ensure cleaner air and water for generations to come.