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Crop Nutrition

We apply science and technology to drive profitability and sustainability for farmers and agribusinesses. This approach allows the entire agricultural ecosystem to thrive as it grows. High-Quality Credits for Carbon Farming: Farmers can create a new revenue stream while increasing soil productivity by producing high-quality, registry-issued carbon credits. By getting paid for the carbon they sequester in the ground, farmers can choose the carbon farming practices best for their farms and benefit from the market upside as carbon prices rise. A Collection of Biological Products from Plants, for Plants: Our biotrinsic® products are a comprehensive, leading portfolio of seed coatings that help protect crops against adverse weather conditions, harmful insects and diseases, and lack of nutrients. These treatments improve soil health and sustainability, rather than damage them. Earn a premium for your crops: Indigo’s sustainable crop programs offer farmers a premium for using specific practices that conserve resources and reduce on-farm emissions. Available in select rice, wheat, and cotton regions. A Digital Application for Grain Transactions and Insights: Market+ streamlines the work you are already doing – helping to mitigate risk, provide actionable insight, and unlocks additional margin opportunities. Discover efficiencies that give you resources back to grow your business.